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Patios and Outdoor Kitchens Expand Your Living Space By Adding An Outdoor Room For Your Entertainment or Relaxation.

Like Other Rooms in Your Home Consider The Design, Materials, and Proper Installation So You Can Enjoy Your Yard For Years To Come.

Choose The Best Location

When planning for your kitchen, it’s essential to consider your useable outdoor space for the best location. Even a small outdoor space can provide a comfortable area for kitchen essentials. If you have an existing patio, outdoor pavilion, or pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen located nearby can increase entertainment opportunities.

California outdoor kitchens are also the perfect place for a family get-togethers, neighborhood gatherings, or parties of any occasion.

Shelter From The Weather

For year-round use of your kitchen, shelter against heat, cold, sun, rain, and wind is essential. If your kitchen is built next to your house on a patio or deck, it’s easy to provide overhead shelter with a roof extension or patio cover. If you choose to build your kitchen in a separate backyard area, you can build a free-standing pavilion or pergola that will provide some overhead protection from the elements.

Selecting Kitchen Equipment

Your outdoor kitchen can be designed with a grill and a seating area, or with a variety of other features that take outdoor dining and entertaining to the next level. Whether you want a kitchen with the bare essentials or one with maximum entertaining possibilities, there are a variety of features to choose from. Depending on your available space, lifestyle needs and budget, you can design and build an outdoor kitchen that rivals a chef’s dream.

Choose A Grill

The most expensive and major component of an outdoor kitchen is usually the grill. There are top-quality, professional-grade grills that cook with charcoal, wood, electricity, gas, and even hybrid models that convert from one to another. Grills are available with hoods and smoke vents, overhead lighting, and come in various sizes and finishes to fit your space needs and design style. As the foundation of your outdoor kitchen, the grill or cooking element should be chosen wisely.

Keep It Chill

Installing a refrigerator will make cooking and entertaining outdoors even more convenient. Instead of trekking back and forth for ingredients, ice, and chilled beverages, just reach underneath the counter. Sure, a small stand-up fridge will require proper wiring for outdoor use. But it will also provide a handy stock of condiments, ingredients, and cold drinks. Be sure to choose a refrigerator that fits your needs and space requirements.

Preparation and Storage

Counter and storage space may not be your first thought when planning an outdoor kitchen project, but they are essential to cooking outside. After all, chopping ingredients and preparing food requires at least a few feet of counter space. These should be durable surfaces that are easy to maintain. You’ll also need a place to store food and utensils in your outdoor kitchen. Installing self-locking, built-in storage spaces will protect food, garbage cans, spices, and cooking and serving utensils from pests and the elements.

Outdoor Lighting

You can’t design a great outdoor kitchen without proper lighting. After all, you don’t want your guests eating in the dark. There are many lighting options available including overhead fixtures and pendants, solar lighting, and decorative light strands. If you plan to cook and dine outdoors, adequate lighting around the cooking and dining areas is essential.

Mood Music

What’s a pool party or backyard barbeque without a little music to set the mood? With some wiring help from a professional contractor, you can install a speaker system and even a television that will turn any backyard gathering into a fun-filled event. Late-night dinners on the patio with family or close friends will be more special with soft music playing in the background.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Whether you’re planning small family dinners or large outdoor gatherings, it’s important to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Select outdoor furniture that’s durable and comfortable and make sure you provide adequate seating for entertaining. Consider installing an to keep you and your guests warm on chilly evenings. And add some cozy floor pillows for extra seating and casual throws for extra warmth.


$400 Per Linear Foot, Four Metal Frame, Stucco Finish, and Tile Countertops.
Upgrades are extra.





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